The Sequel Signature Programs (SSPs) are the flagship programs of Sequel Consulting. These are conceived with the aim to cater to the most common and frequently arising needs of organisations across the levels and across the industries.

Sequel Signature Leadership Programs (SSLP)

The Sequel Signature Leadership Development Programs are focussed at developing Leadership capabilities in the employees at different levels in the organisation. These programs are conducted at 3 levels:

Foundation Leadership Program
For employees performing managerial roles first time.

Master Leadership Program
For middle managers level to help them perform their role better as a leader.

Catalyst Leadership Program
For senior level roles to enhance their leadership capabilities.

Sequel Signature Business Acumen (SSBA)

Business Acumen is understanding of business and various related parameters like factors driving profitability and cash flow, market focused approach to the business, holistic perspective and big picture understanding, etc. The Sequel Signature Business Acumen Program aims to help employees to appreciate business processes and build a culture of openness and learning through shared accountability, higher commitment, etc. For more details click here

Sequel Signature Master Trainer & Facilitator (SSMT&F)

The Sequel Signature Master Trainer & Facilitator Program is for people who have identified training as their passion and wants to develop themselves as effective trainers. This program is apt for people who are or want to be a part of training and development in organisations and actively involved in delivering trainings to their employees. Apart from this, HR managers, managers, freelance trainers are immensely benefited from this program.
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