The various Large Scale Intervention Programs (LSIP) involves use of simulated exercises in form of games and activities. These simulations are inspired by very strong metaphors from our day to day life. They help in validating facts, our behaviours etc. in a given situation supposing that they will be valid in similar new situations as well.

Lost Dutchman Gold Mine

The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine is an engaging challenge, focused on “mining as much gold as we can” and having fun with the serious purpose of promoting and handling organizational issues and enhance effectiveness of processes and people. The exercise was developed by Dr. Scott Simmerman and is delivered worldwide.

LDGM is a powerful exercise focused on how people, teams and organizations perform. It is about motivation, optimization and results. It sets up a wide variety of debriefing opportunities which make it a powerful event or the core of a multi-day leadership or team building program.

The teams are to have fun, return home, and optimize results. Planning and collaboration are beneficial. The Leader is supportive. Motivation is high. And the goals are clear.

Yet teams often compete instead of collaborate. They plan to fail by not planning and using all the information and resources available. It is a powerful learning opportunity for teams and individuals that has been played worldwide for over 10 years.

Dutchman has been used for groups in excess of 500 people yet it works well for even small groups of 10 participants. It is very robust in design, based on clear and engaging metaphors. The simulation promotes awareness and learning while also being fun to play. A number of different iterations of the exercise also allow fine-tuning of the delivery itself, increasing risk, adjusting complexity and allowing for alignment to a department's specific goals.

Dutchman is designed for:

  • A powerful presentation or an interactive workshop
  • Linkage to real team and organizational development issues to target workplace improvement
  • An engaging activity, not simply a fun event -- this is an effective simulation that leads to change and improvement
  • More than 100 debriefing frameworks focusing on Communications, collaboration and competition
  • Leadership (Visions, Missions and Values)
  • Team building and team development

Drum Circles

Experiential learning has proven to be very effective way in bringing about change in any kind of behaviour. Drumming is one of those experiential methods which focus change in its deepest form. Group drumming is a powerful music making experience that is used as a therapeutic intervention for achieving health oriented & group oriented, non- musical goals. Drumming is also a very effective way of relieving stress, increasing team spirit and communication among co-workers.

Formula 1 Race

The Formula One Experiential Workshop ensures the teams experience full business scenario (source raw material, strategize on team resources, 'producing' a product and test run the model; all keeping the end goal in mind).
The workshop focuses on:

  • Team development
  • Clear communication
  • Problem solving
  • Coordination
  • Bonding and winning
  • To win... and in style!!!