Executive Coaching

In a technologically sophisticated, performance driven and bottom line oriented society, success in business today depends on "How you present yourself and the substance of your communication speaks volumes about your credibility".

"Mastering the art of playing the executive role requires two key breakthroughs. First, a willingness to understand yourself and explore the way others may perceive you. And second, the desire to take control of those behaviors, skills, and avenues of expression that can alter or confirm those perceptions.

The Model is as follows:

  • Much of our human behavior is learned.
  • All behaviors result in positive or negative consequences for the individual and those around him or her
  • Individuals are systems within systems, and each individual affects and is affected by these systems and the constant changes they are undergoing
  • Defining individuals' current status and developmental progress in terms of their behavior
  • Specifying the target behavior impacting on say; a professional skill, position task etc
  • Measuring the target behavior
  • Assessing covert behaviors (e.g., limiting beliefs, anxiety) in relation to overt actions (e.g., speaking at a meeting)
  • Accessing and assessing emotional events
  • Assessing environmental events and the interactions between behavior and environment


Our Coaching Intervention would help you to

  • Overcome your leadership areas of improvements.
  • Communicate clearly with peers, subordinates, bosses, clients and customers.
  • Evaluate risks, weigh alternatives and find timely answers to business issues.
  • Fully realize your capability both on professional as well as personal front.
  • Enhance performance through improved decision-making and increased productivity.
  • Balance work, family and personal time so they excel in all areas.
  • Fine-tune your strategic thinking and decision-making abilities
  • How to make IMPACT on your business associates.

Executive Presence

Performance is a matter of Survival: Managing Perceptions is Growth

There is no "clone" model of executive presence; it's about being yourself, and about being your best self. Executive presence as the integration of three components:

The External

The External is what others see, including physical attributes, attire, accessories, posture, facial expressions, voice, and etiquette.


Acumen encompasses education, skills, knowledge, and experience.

The Core

The Core is all about personal values and philosophy, including integrity, honesty, sincerity, initiative, optimism, and the ability to develop relationships.
The Core is usually the most obscure of the components, and can be the most significant.
The real power of executive presence comes when the External, Acumen, and the Core are congruent and authentic.
In a nutshell, executive presence is a special sparkle, a personal magnetism. It is charisma coupled with knowledge, know-how, character, skill, experience and nobility of purpose... the ability to win the confidence of those around you. It means you possess a professional magnetism that influences others; you're admired for exemplary leadership and respected as an authority. When you have executive presence your colleagues, subordinates and superiors rely on your strength and clarity. "When leaders with executive presence speak, people listen--because the talk is filled with conviction instead of equivocation.

Executive Style Assessment

Executive Style Assessment, which is an exclusive instrument that provides an integrated look at how you take action, why you take action, and the thinking patterns you use to make decisions. Before you can make improvements, you must first understand how these elements work together to form your unique executive style. Working with the results, you will be in a position to build on your most important strengths while better managing the vulnerabilities that are holding you back.

The SIX P's
  • Persona
  • Position
  • Packaging
  • Presentation
  • Promotion
  • Passion
Executive Presence at a Glance