Please accept my sincere thanks, had probably reached that point of life, where was unconsciously focusing on the ' why' a little more, than ‘why not’, that’s changed now, thanks to you guys

Deep Gupta
Regional Director (East)
DHL Lemuir Logistics Pvt Ltd.

Without being formal, let me give a BIG THANK to you. I can vouch for my other pals also, that YOU HAVE REALLY SHAKEN US INSIDE UP. I might have attended numerous trainings in my 9 yrs career, but none to match this. Wishing you to LIGHTEN MANY more souls like us, way forward

Tata Tele Services Limited - GUJRAT

The program has offered tremendous benefits to the participants and through them the organization is likely see substantial improvements. The changes are clearly visible in the team actions/behaviors’, the day they joined the office on Monday. I am seeing choosing the path of cooperation. I have a personal challenge to take this transformation to the logical conclusion and there by keep facilitating this change. I strongly recommend that this workshop should be conducted for various levels within the organizations. My words are not good enough.

Akshay K Pandey
Vice President- Network (West Region)
Tata Teleservices Limited

The training has been very inspiring and very useful to change the mindset who was normally finding BBS! Now the slogan in our departmentt is no more BBS and a word is the word!

Dhananjay Jog
GM- Decanter
Alfa Laval

It is just to thank you for such a wonderful incident in my life. I will implement the outcomes of training in my life.

Sumit Bhowmik
Manager–Strategic Sourcing
TAL Manufacturing Solutions Ltd.

Thanks to the training, I did stretch myself and made Gujarat Circle stand tall as No. 1 circle in my line of business in the region and 2nd nationally.

Niranjan D Vakharia
Enterprise Business Services - Government Vertical,
Tata Teleservices Limited, Gujarat

Thanks Jimmy and Manish for the ‘throttle’ that you guys have applied both to our throats and to the engine of Tricom. The whole workshop was a great experience and I personally came out with a refreshed mind… the kind of freshness that one feels when he/she has been sitting with their eyes closed for half an hour and just opened them.
I am looking forward to many more thrusts and throttles to our minds from you guys in the future. Thanks once again.

Abhijit Yogesh Bhatt
Tricom India Limited

I just wanted to share my experience with you guys that you may not believe, but you both are still roaring in my mind whenever I close my eyes.
It was a very clean eyewash for me and letting me know where does I am currently. I take this opportunity to thanks both of you that you have driven us on the way of success in just 2 Days.

C V Joshi
Tricom India Limited

I would like to thank you personally for the great experience, we had during the three day workshop. I must say both of you are excellent, in delivering your message very sound & clear. We take your message will ensure the same is put into practice to develop ourselves & the working environment.

Suresh Nair
Regional Director – South
Exel India Private Limited.