Sequel team comprises of highly committed and empowered professionals with years of experience. A Group of like-minded professionals with a deep desire and a passion to make a difference... The trainers at Sequel are certified in the following:

(The certifications are arranged in Alphabetical Order)

  • Achievement Motivation Training
  • Behavior Modification Techniques
  • Certification in Thomas (DISC) Profiling
  • Customer Care Master Certification
  • Drama Therapy
  • Huthwaite Certification - SPIN - ASMS - Negotiation
  • Net Promotor Score
  • Open Space Technology
  • Practitioners License in Neuro Linguistic Programming - NHNLP
  • Prism Brain Mapping
  • Sensitivity Training and L-Group
  • The Human Element Laboratory and FIRO-B
  • Time Manager International (TMI)